Name: Analisa Sansait [left]

Age: Young and sweet, only 17

Occupation: Sales Associate at Zara

What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion is an artistic expression i work on daily; I am constantly improving my style especially in my work environment. Growing up, I loved dressing up and working an outfit i felt made me look remarkable. It’s true that you feel more positive when you’re wearing something that makes you feel good. I know many people who do not dress how they desire because they don’t feel confident in their outfit choices. I’d like to work in the fashion industry someday and help make fashion available to all those who are interested. My sister and I have started this fashion blog to not only showcase our passion for fashion but also to inspire our readers. As i continue to refine my look, i want to help others find or recreate their own style as well.

How would you characterize your signature style?

I usually lean towards dark and/or neutral colours. A typical casual outfit for me would be high-waisted jeans, a belt, a solid colour long sleeve underneath a wool jacket, paired with sneakers or booties. During the summer, I’m usually in a dress with heeled booties and lots of dainty gold jewelry. It definitely depends on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling that day. My outfits can vary from Chic, Bohemian, Preppy, and many more but I feel best when I know I have a powerful, extravagant and clean-cut look. I would characterize my signature style as Bougie or Classic.

Who are your fashion inspirations/favourite style icons?

The fashion during the 90s will always be my biggest inspiration alongside with Angelina Jolie, the Olsen twins, Cher Horowitz, Audrey Hepburn and Rachel Greene.

Current projects/future goals?

I took up Henna Design as a hobby a few months back. I am confident in my designs, and have improved significantly since I started. I am asked regularly to do henna designs, so I aim to one day have my own little henna business. I have always wanted to make my own designs and creations. I plan to attend OCADU for Environmental Design in hopes of becoming an interior designer, or Ryerson University for their Fashion Design program.

Famous last words?

Don’t fear your dreams, live however you please and eat a lot of chicken nuggets.

Name: Antonette Sansait, you can call me Toni [right]

Age: 23 like Jordan

Occupation: Page for The Toronto Public Library (Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books)

What role does fashion play in your life?

It’s kind of fluctuated, especially in recent years. As a kid, like most other kids, my favourite way of expressing myself was through the things I wore. I always  wanted my outfits to reflect elements of my personality. I also had a fascination for clothing designs, the things people could create out of fabric, different combinations of items, and all that good stuff but it wasn’t until high school that I considered myself passionate and fashion became important to me.

I lived for Casual Fridays and would go all out in statement pieces when the fated day arrived each month. I’d also incorporate my personal style into my uniform, as much as I could get away with in terms of the dress code. I read fashion magazines, studied designers, and always tried to keep an eye out for whatever the creative flare in the industry was that year. After graduating, though, and especially after starting work at the Library some 4 odd years ago, those habits started to die out. I also became a lot more neutral in what I wore. Working in a professional – and public – environment doesn’t allow for much boldness or eccentricity in terms of dressing without the risk of attracting unwanted attention. Since moving downtown last year,  though – along with my sister’s growing interest in the fashion world, transferring to a less public sector of the library and befriending a men’s fashion blogger – my admiration for fashion has returned and with a seeming vengeance. I’m eager for what’ll be made of its comeback.

How would you characterize your signature style?

First thought off the bat: preppy schoolgirl. If you asked my friends or family, they’d definitely attest to my suffering a severe case of “schoolgirl syndrome.” My outfits often end up looking schoolgirl or Clueless inspired even without my conscious intention, I don’t know how it happens lol. That being said, my style still varies pretty widely. I could just as easily be found in jeans and a moto jacket or sneakers and athletic wear. Having a signature look is cool but I don’t believe in limiting yourself to any one particular style. Fashion is about creative and self expression, wear whatever you like and feel like (keeping in mind the weather and occasion, of course 😛 ).

Who are your fashion inspirations/favourite style icons?

Man, there are so many styles I admire made memorable by so many icons that I couldn’t even settle on a top 3. I’d probably begin my list with Audrey Hepburn, her look is timeless for me – and probably any other fashion admirer who came after her. Others would be Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karina, Annie Hall (or would I need to say, “Diane Keaton in Annie Hall”?), Brigitte Bardot, even John Lennon. My favourite icons tend to come from decades before I was born. If I had to name modern day icons or icons from “my time,” I’d say Gwen Stefani, Cher from Clueless, Winona Ryder ca. ‘80s – ‘90s aaaand Kelly Kapowski. Even a little Sailor Moon. Throw Rachel Greene from Friends in there, too, while you’re at it but mostly her look from Seasons 1 through 4. Oh, and my Mom pre-Y2K but maybe without all the shoulder pads. That list is all over the place, I know. I warned you that there’d be plenty to name lol

Current projects/future goals?

I’m involved in a number of projects at the moment but the most prominent and ambitious would probably be this blog. It’s a real commitment but I’m happy if our efforts are found helpful or useful to anyone who stumbles upon them. It’s also a nice creative outlet and I’m enjoying sharing this experience with my sister. In terms of the future? Unlike her, I don’t aspire to achieve a position in the fashion world. I’m into fashion and the energy and pace of the industry is appealing but my ultimate goal is to attain a career in Physics, ideally Astrophysics. I still feel like a starry-eyed kid whenever I tell people that but it’s a childhood dream of mine that I intend to strive for, for as long as it seems attainable. Literally reaching for the stars… why not?

Famous last words?

Everything in moderation, even moderation. Live your life, man. ✌


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