Toni The Tourist

Hey guys! If you don’t follow my personal instagram account (@tonisomething), you might not know that I visited Spain early last month 🙂

The weather was extremely warm while I was there (35+ degrees Celsius every day) so I felt really limited in the types of outfits I could wear. By the end of my trip, I had adopted a sort of uniform of unrestricted cotton sleeveless tops paired with slitted maxiskirts. Usually in warm weather, it’s easy for me to gravitate toward outfits with minimal fabric (think: high waisted short shorts and crop tops) but I found that I was most comfortable wearing flowy, lightweight materials that caught any breeze and barely made skin contact. Is that too much info? :$ Comfortable sandals were also a must considering all the walking involved in visiting all the great tourist spots! Cities I visited were Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, and Sevilla. Here are some photos of my travels, taken by mine and Analisa’s other sister, Estrella. Hope you enjoy!

I also didn’t do much shopping while I was there – and I dare to refer to myself as a fashionista, I know – but I did make note of a few stores that appealed to me:

  1. Kling
  2. Bershka
  3. Pull & Bear

I would say they’re comparable to stores ranging from Zara to Forever21 in terms of quality and price but I found their styles to be a little more quirky and honestly, downright cute! If you ever travel there, make sure to check them out. You can also visit their online stores by clicking the links above 🙂

Anyway thanks so much for stopping by, hope you all have a great weekend!


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