Distraught Robot

Happy Monday, y’all! Since Analisa and I first decided to create this blog, we’ve been helped out in so many ways by so many wonderful people and today, we wanted to do a featured post on one of those people: the creator of our Tee For Two logo – a very talented and very good friend, Estuardo Ibarra.

On top of being one of the hippest dudes I know, he’s also one of the most creative and insightful and we’re very grateful to his unfailing willingness to help us out however he can. Since this is a fashion blog, afterall, we asked him to do a fashion post for us and, good sport that he is, he complied 🙂 big shout out to another very talented and very good friend, Joel Evangelista, for taking the time to shoot these photos. Scroll down if you bout it and check Estuardo’s quick bio while you’re here, enjoi!

Name: Estuardo Ibarra

Age: 23

Occupation/Study: Fitness Administrator // Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Instagram: @distraughtrobot

What role does fashion play in your life?

I guess it ranges from simply providing warmth/comfort to being a bit of an outlet for creativity/expression.

How would you characterize your signature style?

Erratic Hipster Cholo

Fashion Inspirations:

Craig Sager and pretty much the entire crew of the Nebuchadnezzar in The Matrix.

Current Projects:

Volunteering with newcomer youth (in Parkdale, Toronto), creating an art/urban planning portfolio.

Future Goals:

To creatively enhance the urban landscape in Toronto, to increase the amount of public art in Toronto, and to help those who need it most, possibly through a community development role.

Famous last words:



jacket from Topman.

pants from Zanerobe.

shirt from ASOS.

socks from Stance.

boots and backpack from Vans OTW.

specs by Spitfire Sunglasses, purchased through ASOS.

necklace handmade and bought in Guatemala.

Photos by: Joel Evangelista, photographer for Adrift Skateshop. Check out more of his work at @pfmedia or @adriftshop on Instagram ✌

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