Wine Valentine

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a great week so far. It’s Toni here again. Analisa and I had the pleasure of working with Toronto portrait and fashion photographer, Justin Aranha, a few days ago and wanted to share the photos he took with you 🙂 We each shot 3 outfits. I styled three simple Valentine’s Day inspired looks around this sleeveless, wine coloured dress. Analisa’s outfits will go up next week, be sure to come back then and take a look!

Now, Valentine’s Day can be kind of an iffy holiday. What often comes to mind is the commercial, romantic aspect of it but for some, it’s a day to dress up for drinks with the girls or even to look cute just ’cause. Nothing wrong with that. What I wanted to accomplish with this post was to address the fact that people sometimes overlook the versatility of their wardrobe pieces or underestimate the power of accessories, hair/makeup and miss out on solid outfits.

Whatever activity you’re dressing for or look you’re trying to achieve, don’t feel limited in your options or feel pressured to go out and drop paper on something brand new. Try going through what you already have and putting things together that you may never have considered before, even if it seems weird. Sometimes the weirdest seeming combos end up looking great and as long as you like it and are comfortable – or willing to endure the discomfort in the name of fashion lol, half kidding – then go for it! You might be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, here are the looks. Hope they speak to you ❤


dress from H&M.

turtleneck from Bluenotes.

socks and booties from ASOS.

leather jacket from H&M.

maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters.

pumps from JustFab.

watch from Diesel.

necklace was a gift (thanks Lil!), handmade and bought in HK.


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