The Feeling’s Neutral

Here’s a typical Toni look for ya. This is the kind of thing I’d wear on days I want to look more dressy but with minimal time or effort.

I think the high-waisted A-line is among the most flattering and feminine styles for practically any body type. This one is a little short so to help keep my legs warm, I paired tights with these black, suede boots (long socks and booties would work, too). Since thigh-high anythings tend to have a bit of a provocative feel, I opted for the modesty of a long sleeve turtleneck – cropped, so I wouldn’t have to tuck it in and in a plain colour and pattern to emphasize the pleating in my skirt.

With such a neutral outfit, the coat choice was pretty much a free-for-all. I went with this one because I wanted to add lightness to counter my boots while sticking to the neutral colour palette, and also favoured a fur over the standard peacoat.


Super simple but something you could have real fun with by switching pieces out for a statement colour or pattern, or adding accessories. Whatever you feel like 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!


skirt was my Mom’s in the ’80s.

top from Bluenotes.

tights from Dollarama, son.

boots from UrbanOG.

coat from Aritzia.


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