humble beginnings

First things first, welcome to our blog!

Aside from being our very first, this post is sentimental for us because it was shot at our old elementary school. To return to the first place we established ourselves outside our home was pretty surreal. So much has changed and happened since we last ran around that playground. Being there reminded us of the days we were just vulnerable little kids sitting in those classrooms, anxiously anticipating every possibility the future could hold for us. It was humbling because in spite of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown since then, that’s how we’re feeling now, taking on this endeavour of starting a blog. The work and commitment required is daunting but we’re excited for what may come and are also just enjoying the ride. We hope you’ll come along with us on this adventure and are so glad you stopped by. Come back anytime 🙂 and stay warm out there!


Analisa’s Outfit

jacket & boots from Zara

scarf from H&M

sweater by Vera Moda from M for Mendocino

pants from Forever 21

Toni’s Outfit

jacket from Zara

scarf from Forever21

gloves from Indigo (thanks Lil!)

boots from ASOS

sweater by Vera Moda from M for Mendocino

pants from H&M

Photos by Arthur Sollano, IG: @A12T.


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